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Where to Find the Best Apartment Decor in Austin

Moving to Austin? It's one of the most dynamic cities in the United States, boasting rapidly expanding markets in multiple industries and a creative community of people. With many apartment communities to choose from, finding the right one-bedroom apartment in Austin can be a challenge. But once you've found a place to call your own, you can begin the fun part: decorating!

Luckily, finding apartment decor in Austin doesn't have to be difficult. There are many amazing furniture and home decor outlets available for people with all kinds of taste. Whether you like modern or classic decor, or if you're on a budget or looking to splurge, you can find many stores with amazing deals on interesting and unique decor. Read on to see some of the many options available!

The Khazana

The Khazana is an excellent purveyor of internationally-inspired decor created with sustainable means. If you're looking to impress guests with your flair of exotic and unique furniture, this store is a must-see to browse their handcrafted designs from all over the world.

Couch Potatoes

For those looking for something cozier and with down-to-earth tastes, Austin's Couch Potatoes is a great store that features many different types of couches, chairs, and comfortable places for you to lounge and relax. Their large warehouse-style store is designed to give you access to as many different styles of furniture as possible and their helpful staff is there to help you find what you need for your budget.

Austin's Furniture Depot

Austin's Furniture Depot is a great retailer that sells “New, Local, and Weird” furniture. Their warehouse setting is open and welcoming, so you’re sure to find the perfect pieces for any type of one-bedroom apartment in Austin. Browse their extensive selections and find the perfect fit for your taste.

At Home

At Home specializes in affordable apartment decor for every part of the home. From patio furniture to accent rugs, you'll find decor to fit any budget at their warehouse!

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These conveniently located stores all are great places to buy furniture for our one bedroom apartments in Austin. Stop by today for a tour of our community, and start planning your apartment décor!