Where to Find South Austin's Best Tacos

Sometimes all you need to brighten up a lousy day is a delicious taco. (Let's face it, you probably need one every day). Luckily for us, there are literally hundreds of places to snag a taco in south Austin, but only a few measure up to being truly divine. Here is a list of the most mouth-watering tacos to sink your teeth into near our south Austin apartments!

1. Torchy's Tacos

You can definitely get the most bang for your buck at Torchy's. Their tacos are huge and overflowing with all the good stuff. They have so many different options you can't go wrong! If you're feeling risky, add some fried avocados to the mix, or check out their secret menu. We also recommend trying their queso!

Torchy's Tacos is located on South Lamar Blvd. It's only a 10-minute drive from our South Austin apartment complex. A real taco-lover can never live too far from a good taco fix.

2. Papalote Taco House

The food and service here are consistently excellent. Go here if you want an authentic taco, and if you're really up for it, they even offer cow tongue tacos! Whatever your flavor, pair your taco with a Mexican soda and you're guaranteed to have an amazing meal.

Not far from Torchy's, Papalote is also located on South Lamar Blvd. right off of Barton Skyway.

3. El Primo

This little taco truck has simply fantastic tacos. If you're a breakfast taco fan, they definitely have the best ones in all of Austin. Their hot sauces are also top-notch.

The best part is it's less than a 15-minute drive from Ocotillo's South Austin apartments. When you live so close, you may find yourself visiting El Primo more than once a day!

4. Tacodeli

If you're a resident at our South Austin apartments, be prepared to become obsessed with this place. They have a huge menu and specialty tacos that will make your mouth water. (Tip: Try the Cowboy Taco--dry-rubbed tenderloin beef. It's out-of-this-world!)

They also have plenty of vegetarian options. Even without the meat, they are incredible. With lots of outdoor seating, this is a great spot to go to on a beautiful spring day.

5. Con Madre Kitchen

If you like to build-your-own taco, be sure to check this place out. They have a huge variety of toppings, and you get to pile whatever you want on top. We recommend giving the barbacoa tacos a try!

If you are going to live anywhere in Austin, you simply must live somewhere that is within close range to a darn good taco. Give Ocotillo a call today to schedule a tour, and fuel up at one of our favorite taco spots!