Benefits of Renting vs Buying in Austin

The Advantages of Renting Over Buying Real Estate in Austin

It's no secret that Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Recent Austin transplants are always faced with the tough decision to either rent or own a property. When mulling over whether to rent or own your next place, many Austinites have found that apartment living boasts a few key advantages over-mortgaged properties.

Little or No Move-In Hassle

Buying a house in Austin is a costly and time-consuming pain in the neck. You'll need to deal with lawyers, real estate agents and lenders to get the job done. Even if your credit isn't perfect, there's a multitude of Austin apartments for rent that you can snag painlessly.

Ease of Mobility on Short Notice

In today's highly fluid economy, you never know when you'll need to move for a job. If you're tied down by a mortgage, it can be difficult to sell your house within a reasonable time frame. Finding Austin apartments for rent on a short-term basis is not hard to come by, which gives you greater professional flexibility.

Low Housing Maintenance Costs

Regardless of size, style or age, every house requires a fair amount of upkeep. Homeowners have to either pay out of pocket for repairs or deal with their insurance companies to cover maintenance costs. By living in an apartment community, you will have your repair needs addressed for free by qualified maintenance professionals in a timely manner.

More Time for Leisure Pursuits

Keeping a household running smoothly is an endeavor that usually consumes a lot of spare time. There's always a leaky faucet or a cracked window that needs your attention. When you live in an apartment community, you will not have to worry about taking up half of your Saturday mowing the lawn. If you'd rather spend your time learning a new skill or interacting with friends and family, renting an apartment is highly attractive.

A Far More Vibrant Social Life

Even if you own a house in a densely populated neighborhood, it can be difficult to meet people with common interests that complement your own. Apartment complexes are far more conducive to meeting a diverse array of people for the purposes of establishing a rich circle of great friends. Many communities have planned social events and free activities such as yoga or happy hours.

Lower Monthly Bills Across the Board

One of the biggest misconceptions associated with home ownership is that mortgage payers are saving big money over the long haul. The truth is a bit more nuanced depending on a variety of factors. The reality is that most apartment dwellers pay less for housing on a monthly basis.

Protection From Home Price Uncertainty

In rapidly expanding cities like Austin, some neighborhoods will see major swings in home values faster than you'd think. Those price fluctuations can end up costing you big time. Renting is a great way to save money and establish credit as you wait for a neighborhood's home prices to stabilize.

Finding an Austin Apartment That You'll Love

The great thing about renting in Austin is that there's no shortage of choices. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, the Ocotillo Apartments has some of the finest Southwest Austin rentals on the market. If superior Austin apartments that are conveniently located are a must, stop by and tour the modern apartment homes at Ocotillo.