The 4 Best Austin Activities for Morning People

At Ocotillo, our Oak Hill apartments offer one of the most serene, scenic views of Austin. While our luxury apartments are comfortably nestled in the rolling Texas hill country, we're also located in a convenient location near shopping, restaurants, entertainment and more.

While we highly recommend checking out the enormous star-filled skies that accompany our beautiful location, we realize some of our residents may be early risers. We've put together a list of the best activities in Austin for morning people, so you can enjoy your day no matter what time your alarm goes off.


There are plenty of us who prefer to begin our days with a healthy dose of physical activity. For many, this means waking up and going to a gym full of other people that you are required to pay a membership for. For Ocotillo residents, the options are far more exciting. Go for a swim in our pool and enjoy Hill Country views, or visit our community gym with top-of-the-line Precor aerobic and weight training machines. Or, take a jog at one of our cities many beautiful outdoor jogging trails. With scenery as breathtaking as Austin's beautifully maintained natural spaces, you'll be rethinking that gym membership in no time.


Nothing says "good morning" like a fantastic cup of fresh coffee, but finding a quality coffee shop can be difficult sometimes. Fortunately, Ocotillo residents are in no short supply of coffee shop options nearby. Cafe Malta, Lox, Box and Barrel, or Summermoon are all great options. Austin is full of unique and fascinating places for you to get your AM caffeine fix. If you want quickness and consistency, there's also a Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf very close by!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If you are looking for a quality morning meal, there are plenty of options near our Oak Hill apartments - it all depends on what you are in the mood to eat! If a traditional, American breakfast sounds appetizing, Jim's Restaurant is only a mile away. For a special occasion, check out Jack Allen's Kitchen. They offer an upscale, Southwestern dining experience with excellent food made from local sources.


If you’re the lucky companion of a furry friend, early mornings are some of the best times to get out and about with your canine buddy. Thanks to the on-site dog park, those who live in Ocotillo's luxury apartments need only look just beyond their own door for quality time with their beloved pal.

Waking up early gives you time to yourself before starting your day. Whether you prefer to spend that time working on your fitness, or would rather enjoy your morning hours sipping coffee and catching up on a good book or the news, there are plenty of options sure to satisfy your desires around our luxurious apartments in Oak Hill.