Keep Your New Year's Resolutions at These South Austin Gyms near Our Apartments

Like most of Austin’s residents, your fall and winter social calendars are probably already pleasantly packed with family gatherings, special local events and all kinds of opportunities to indulge in seasonal comfort foods and drinks. You'll feel so much better about consuming those special meals and treats if you schedule some regular workout time to burn excess calories as well as strengthen and tone your body. Remember the New Year’s resolution that you made last year to commit to a wellness regimen? Well, here are some local gyms that can help you to look and feel your best during the upcoming months and well into summer.

Oak Hill Fitness and Obstacle Course

Just two miles from our Ocotillo Oak Hill apartments you'll discover ultimate fitness fun at Oak Hill Fitness and Obstacle Course. The unconventional gym features a range of equipment that is great for beginners as well as long-time fitness enthusiasts. At Oak Hill Fitness, you'll experience group boot camps and personal training that focus on functional strength training and fat-burning cardio. The gym's indoor/outdoor infrastructure also allows you to take advantage of Austin's beautiful weather.

CrossFit Oak Hill

Challenging your muscles in different and more intense ways is one of the keys to maintaining a well-toned body. For those who are stuck in a boring strength training and cardio routine, it might be time to get radical with your workouts. At CrossFit Oak Hill, you'll find functional fitness equipment, motivated trainers and work-out buddies who battle through challenging workout classes together several times per week. Each class features a unique, total-body fitness challenge that will be anything but boring for you or your muscles.

Studio Barre Austin

You might have thought that those lithe, dancers' bodies that you see at ballet performances were more products of good genes than rigorous exercise. According to the fitness experts at Studio Barre Austin, that is not necessarily true. Committing to their barre workout routines that particularly target hips, thighs, and legs and eating a sensible diet make versions of the enviable dancer's body attainable to just about anyone.

EverFit Personal Training

EverFit is a personal training studio that was founded by Caitlin Chapman, who is a certified personal trainer with an academic background in exercise science. Caitlin has a passion for overall wellness that shows in her customized workout sessions for her clients as well as in her own professional development pursuits. Her degree specialization is in physical therapy, and Caitlin has an interest in becoming a doctor of physical therapy in the future. This interest in healing through movement is a great match for Ocotillo residents who have shied away from gym sessions because of old injuries or fears that they will hurt themselves through improper technique. A truly unique offering of EverFit is Caitlin's personal training sessions that can be performed at the studio or remotely online.

While residents of Ocotillo Oak Hill apartments in Austin have access to a well-equipped, on-site gym, sometimes you need a class, personal training session or just a change of venue to get you motivated. For that, South Austin is a great place to be.