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Interesting Historic Sights in Austin

Named after the proclaimed 'father of Texas,' Stephen K. Austin, in 1839, the city of Austin has a rich history that is still remembered and celebrated to this day. If you're a local already - or soon to be one - be sure to check out these incredible historic sights that are a short drive from Ocotillo's West Oak Hill apartments.

Barton Springs Pool

The Barton Springs Pool is located in the middle of Zilker Park. A true gem of Austin, this oasis is one of the largest natural pools in America. With crystal clear waters and plenty of grassy hills to lay on, this is where you need to be on any hot, sweltering Austin day that is sure to occur during the Texas summer.

People have been swimming here for over 200 years when a Spanish mission was built right on the spring's banks. The pool overflows into Barton Creek and on into Lady Bird Lake. You can actually take a kayak from the lake to the pool! It's only about a 15-minute drive from our West Oak Hill apartments, so you can easily cool off during a hot Austin afternoon.

State Capitol

Not just for history buffs, the State Capitol is a gorgeous piece of history and architecture located in the heart of Austin's downtown. The Capitol is a place that celebrates Texas history, all while history is still being made! Many of the rooms in the Capitol still look the exact same as they did over 120 years ago. Most offices still have the same furniture and decor.

Like many things in Texas, it's big. When it's doors opened in 1888, it was the seventh largest building in the world. It's definitely a place you must visit if you're living in Austin.

The Driskill Hotel

Another great historical attraction is the Driskill Hotel. It was built between 1885-1886 by Jesse Lincoln Driskill. Driskill was a businessman who earned his fortune in the cattle business. Originally, he built the hotel as a place for his business partners to stay, and many laws have been formed and secret deals made within its walls.

Not a place for those easily frightened, there are rumors that the hotel is haunted with ghosts. The most popular ghost is said to be the four-year-old daughter of a former Texas senator. Story has it that she died in the hotel when she was playing with a ball on the stairs, tripped and fell to her death. People at the hotel claim that they still hear her giggles and a ball bouncing on the stairs today.

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