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How to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger in 3 Simple Steps

One of the most common problems for apartment residents is feeling limited on the space that's available. Even within Ocotillo's spacious one, two, and three bedroom apartments, some people struggle to fit all of their personal belongings in each room. Whether you're moving in from a larger apartment or home, or if you simply have many personal belongings, you can rest assured that there are many tips and tricks to help you make the most of your apartment's space. Keep reading to see three simple steps to making small spaces look bigger, and check out Ocotillo's floor plans today to start planning your apartment's design!

1. Use Light Colors

Light colors can help create a space that feels light and airy. When looking for new decor and furniture for your southwest Austin apartment, try selecting items that have white, cream, and pastel colors. Avoid using a lot of dark or bold colors, as this can make the apartment feel more closed in. Light colors can be incorporated into different areas of your apartment using rugs, paintings, curtains and more. Your decor's colors should complement one another with a specific palette that you choose. In addition, we recommend throwing in a fun pop of color by using a bold blanket, or eye-catching pillows. This will create a bit of contrast, which will make your space look larger as well.

2. Add Mirrors

Those who are living in smaller spaces like our Oak Hill apartments may find it difficult to create the feeling of a larger interior space after all their furniture is moved in. While we first recommend choosing furniture that fits your space (no more huge, bulky couches!) there are other ways to create the feeling of more space. Mirrors are one of the most effective items to use to create the illusion of larger rooms. By using well-placed mirrors, you allow more natural light to enter your room, making your space illuminated and brighter. Consider adding mirrors in a dim hallway or adding a collection of mirrors in the living room or bedroom, which will contribute to the style of your apartment and will also make it appear more open.

3. Minimalism is Key

Minimalism is an excellent way to make the interior of your apartment appear larger. While we're not asking you to throw out all your important belongings, it's important to remove clutter or personal belongings that are simply taking up space. Try going through each room of your apartment to see what items you no longer need, and donate or sell items that aren't used on a frequent basis. If you can't stand the thought of throwing away any of your possessions, try figuring out a storage system so that every item has its own place. Being organized can help you feel more at home, and can help avoid the headaches caused by a cluttered apartment and lost items! For seasonal clothing items or decor that is only used once a year, consider placing the items in a storage unit to ensure that you can have access to them when they're needed without taking up more room in your apartment.

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