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Apartment Organization Tips and Tricks

If storage and space are on your must-have list when shopping for a new home, there are plenty of apartments that will fit the bill. However, even in one of our large apartments, organization is key to maximize your space. Read on to see some of our favorite apartment organization tips and tricks!

Utilize Space Under Your Bed

With a set of bed risers you can quickly make the area under your bed perfect for storage. Shallow, wide storage containers fit under a raised bed, and they are great for storing extra blankets, seasonal clothing, and bulky winter gear. You can also use these containers under your couch to hold craft supplies, DVDs, or seasonal decorations.

Get Creative with Shelving

When you don't have a lot of floor space, put your walls to use! Floating corner shelves are great for photos and knickknacks, and they're both efficient and stylish. Store books on a long, sturdy shelf above a door frame to free up space a floor bookshelf may take up. Or, hang up a small spice rack in the bathroom by the vanity to store small toiletries, brushes, and bottles.

Make Doors Functional

Shoe organizers that go over a door are great for a bedroom closet, but they can be used for so much more besides shoes. Hang an organizer over your bathroom door and use the individual pockets to organize toiletries, hair brushes, and styling tools. If you have a pantry, a door organizer can be used for small items like seasoning packets, individual protein bars, and small baking ingredients. Get creative with this easy storage tool!

Get Paperwork Organized

Paper clutter accumulates quickly, and there's nothing more frustrating than needing paperwork and not being able to find it. Bills, paycheck stubs, insurance paperwork, and medical paperwork are important, and they need to be easily accessible. A good filing system makes life so much easier, but in many Dripping Springs apartments, you may not have room for a large filing cabinet. For smaller spaces, invest in a hole punch and keep everything in a large binder.

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Staying organized can seem overwhelming, but with the right tricks, it helps your home feel bigger and more peaceful. No matter how big or small your apartment, staying organized helps ease stress and makes your living space more enjoyable. Get some organization tools, throw out your junk, and take advantage of these tips at out apartments near Dripping Springs!