Apartment Decoration Inspiration

Looking for an apartment in Southwest Austin? Once you’ve found the perfect community for you, you’ll want to design and organize your new space in a way that matches your style. From floor to ceiling, these tricks can help inspire anyone that’s moving into an apartment in Austin to help make the space their own. Read on to see these nifty tricks, and contact Ocotillo Apartments today to learn more about our luxury apartments!

On the Wall

Shelving significantly increases your apartment’s storage space and visual appeal, and the proper shelving for your space can be a great addition to the apartment’s overall design. Go beyond the basics and consider using reclaimed wood. The unique pieces are an economical, sustainable and expressive alternative to fresh-sawn lumber or bland, pressed-wood shelves.

Ikea also has sleek, shallow wall cabinets that can fit well either in a small bathroom or over a study desk. They do a great job of holding all the little extras, such as shampoo or paper supplies that often get shoved to the back of a deep cabinet.


Even the best southwest Austin apartments can be improved by new, unique lighting pieces. Search online for a lighting element that defines your personal style, and make sure your apartment allows for fixture changes before you start your new lighting project!

Try trading the typically drab dining room overhead light for a crisp, trendy chandelier. Upgrading your lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, and great lighting can quickly change the mood of any apartment.


The best southwest Austin apartments usually have incredible natural lighting, but you can always expand the light inside your apartment with the optimal placement of mirrors.

If you have a narrow wall, hang a smaller mirror that reflects your style to give the illusion of more space. Or, put three same-size mirrors at varying heights on your living room wall for a funky display. If the mirrors face a window, they’ll reflect natural light throughout the day, making your place feel lighter and brighter.


Texture continues to be the trend in area rugs. Throwing a few around your new apartment quickly adds a cozy feel to your space, and a quick-change of an area rug lets you switch up your style at any time.

If you have small children or pets, a washable rug can be a great long-term solution. Spilled wine? Just throw the top decorative piece in the washing machine and it comes out sparkling new. There are many styles of washable rugs, from shags to contemporary or kitschy designs. The polyester material of washable rugs available today is soft and pliable, much like a short pile fabric but much more durable.

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